Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank Fuck That's Over

You: "I feel so bad about what happened. I thought I was doing the right thing."

You're one seriously fucked up individual and thankfully I do not know you any more. Buh bye, hope you had a nice flight, buh bye. Douche bag. Enjoy your shitty, reclusive, filthy, lonely, conspiracy filled life.

Moving forward: Now I can concentrate on the things I don't say out loud to anyone else I have to deal with in this world.

Let's start, over there...yes, I've plenty to say to you.

I can't possibly quote all the stupid ass things you've said since I've known you but I will respond:

You're nothing more than a mail order whore. You waltz around like you're the shit but the fact of the matter is, you are actually quite ugly. Inside and out. You play people from both sides and you stick that gigantic honker of yours in to other peoples business and make assumptions based on PART of the conversation you heard.

Know what, hag? I've done more in this life time than you can dream of doing so don't even bother acting like you're better than I am. So you have a lot of money. Actually, you don't have it, your pimp has it. At least you were smart enough to have spawn so you will be set for life but you didn't earn any of that unless you consider fucking a living.

You're mean, you're rude, you're not as smart as you think you are and I'm on to you. And I think you know that I'm on to you. That's why you shut up quickly the other day when I walked in on you trashing someone we both know.

You, are a piece of shit. I'm not impressed. And that's why you don't like me. Oh no. Ow, that hurts.


I can't wait for karma to pound you in the ass. Of course, knowing what a skank whore you are, you'll probably enjoy it.

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Kristine22 said...

Is this about the person I think it's about? I haven't checked here in a while because I thought you weren't writing here. Glad to see you are! I like the rantings.