Monday, August 10, 2015

Family Members Are Just As Bad

You:  "If you aren't going to watch what I'm doing, then don't ask any fucking questions."

You think I don't see that expression on your face?  You think I didn't see you roll your eyes?  You think I didn't hear your under the breath comments that you uttered when I went outside and you forgot that the window was open?

You're family, and you tell the world how much you love me.  You say that you are so excited that I'm here. You say that you can't wait to do things with me, fun things that we never got to do.

The problem is, what you say, and how you act, are two totally different things. 

I did not hurt you.  I did not abuse you.  I did not take advantage of you.  I did not belittle you.  But you tell me that I look like the person who did, and it is because of that, which you said was no big deal, you were just sharing, I do pay for the sins of others. 

You have serious issues to work out, but you have chosen, instead, to use me as your punching bag. 

You say that you hate the person who did what they did to you, but you act exactly the same way that they do.  You both hate each other, yet you two are so alike, it's scary.

You fear that all will abandon you.  You fear that you won't have a family.  The reality is, you fear losing your control over people.  It's a war between you and another, because you are both sick in the head.

The rest of us are just your pawns in this twisted game that you play, and you will use anything to your advantage, and treat the rest of us like annoying pests.

You have something wrong with you, mentally.  You need professional help. 

You worry about me leaving your life forever?  You are scared that will happen?  Keep acting the way you've been acting, and that is exactly what will happen.  And I will tell you exactly why.  You pretend not to remember things, but the problem for you is that I do.  I remember.  And I will be telling you all of them, and walk out of your life forever.

Frankly, I can't wait for that day.  You disgust me.