Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy For You To Say

There I was at work, talking to another co-worker who was teasing and I said, "Oh, don't start that! The last thing I need is another rumor flying around."

You: "Oh who cares about that?"

Who cares about that? I do, bitch, that's who. See, you're part of the problem. You stuck your nose in to my personal business and talked and gossiped incessantly with the whore boss. You made things up just to keep the story going. Made them up! Conversations that never took place, you fabricated and told everyone that they happened. How do I know? Because some people here like me more than they like you. And they told me where it came from.

Why do I care? Because of you busy bodies with nothing else to do, ruined something wonderful for me. And then you treated me like shit over something that was none of your concern. I got the cold shoulder, dirty looks, talked nasty too, not even a cordial, "good morning" could I get. Oh you would laugh and laugh with everyone else but when I came in to your area, the tension could be cut with a knife. You couldn't look me in the eye for two, solid months. You STILL have problems looking me in the eye. I went through a lot of hell because of your mouth and someone else's mouth so don't stand there and ask, "oh who cares?"

It didn't happen to you. Yet. You see, idiot, there is one person at this place who controls everyone else like a puppet master. We are all on his strings. He dances and dangles us around constantly. I have figured it out. Some have their suspicions but most of you ignorant fools can't see it.

Rumors and lies are floated around about every last person here. Every, last person. One person starts them all, spreads them all, makes them all up. One person. One person entertains himself with all of this so that he can remain on the top; take heat off of himself and cause chaos. One. Person.

I tried to tell you before but you didn't want to listen. So, in time, you're going to get a piece of it, too. In time, you're going to know what it's like to be treated like shit for two solid months over something that either isn't true, or is nobody's business. One day, you're going to understand exactly why I care.

You already had a slight taste of it a few months back and while it bothered you to no end, you promptly ignored the truth and opted to listen to the lies. Again, told to you by ONE person. I'm on to this person. And one day, that person, who thinks he's told all his dirty little secrets so that no one has anything on him, will find out that not everyone likes him. He's going to get his.

In the meantime, bitch, you might want to watch who you hang out with. Your shit will go down, as well. I could do a lot of damage to you right now, if I wanted to, with all the information I have on your ass.

Like how you sucked a certain someone's dick for blow who wasn't your extremely jealous husband.
Or what you said about your current husband and his relations with his father all the way until he was in his 20s. And how he liked it.

Wouldn't THAT be fun to open up in front of everyone? "Oh yes, she did say it! We sat right here, on this day, and she talked for HOURS. I sat back and let her."

You see, bitch, I don't make a habit of spilling shit out and gossiping and spreading shit around. But if you keep it up, I will.

I'm really nice, until you fuck with me. Then? I'll make you fucking cry like the bitch that you are. Drug addict whore. I could destroy your life right now.

But I bide my time. A wise man once said, "Don't interrupt a fool while they're making a mistake."

So I am patient. The right moment will come. And you will pay for the shit you pulled. Let's see how it feels to have someone fuck with matters of your heart.

Let's see how that makes you feel. I don't forget and I do not forgive on things like that. In time, bitch, you're going to get yours.

I do care, bitch, and so should you.